Windows 10 Timeline : Everything you should know about it

Timeline is one of the best feature from Windows 10 April 2018 update. Windows 10 Timeline allows to pick up from past where you left out even from across devices. So you can resume your recent activity from PC or phone instantly without any effort. As this is a new feature added in Windows 10 April 2018 update, So you may don’t know much about it. Here is the complete guide on what the Timeline is and how to use it. Know More Windows 10 Features.

What is Windows 10 Timeline 

Timeline is part of Task view added in recent Windows 10 April 2018 update. It shows history of supported activities, photos, videos, documents, web pages or files. If you aware of Browser History, it can taken same as that. Timeline allows to view documents from past on which you were working or some photos or videos that you were watching. Either it’s earlier today, yesterday or few weeks ago, you don’t need to remember where you saved the file on which you were working. By going to the timeline you can access that file instantly. Not only you can resume activities but you can also remove activities from past if you want.

Windows 10 groups the activities by days and hours which makes it easier to find. Other than this you can also search for activities without scrolling through the long history which saves time.

Not only for Windows 10, activities can be synced across devices too. So if you were working in your iOS or Android devices, then you can see windows supported activities easily on your Windows 10 device and can continue to work on that. For this you will need Microsoft account and will have to enable setting “Let Windows sync my activities from this PC to the cloud from activity history in settings. Activity History keeps track of all activities from your PC, tablets or phones. So anytime you can resume any activity from past and can keep on working.

How to Access Windows 10 Timeline 

To access Windows 10 timeline, Click on task view icon from task bar or press “Windows Logo Key+Tab” in your keyboard.Task view

Enable Or Disable Windows 10 Timeline 

You can enable Timeline from Settings as well as from Taskview.

To enable Timeline, click on task view icon, scroll down in Timeline and find “See More days in Timeline”.  Turn on this setting.Enable Windows 10 Timeline from Task view

You can also enable Windows 10 Timeline by going to Privacy settings. To enable, open Settings from start menu. Click on “Privacy” and go to “Activity History” from right side menu tabs. There are two check boxes as below.Activity History


Let Windows collect my activities from this PC – When this checkbox is selected it shows activities for past 30 days and anytime you can resume the activity you were working. From the time you selects this checkbox, it will start keeping track of activities.

Let Windows sync my activities from this PC to the Cloud – On selecting this checkbox, you will not only able to see activities from PC but also from other devices and can resume them anytime.

You may don’t like Timeline and may want to disable it. To disable Timeline, turn off the check boxes mentioned above by going to Settings>Privacy>Activity History.

How to Use Timeline 

You can access Windows 10 Timeline instantly by clicking on Task view icon from Taskbar. First it shows your current desktop and below that it shows Timeline. Activities in Timeline are grouped properly to find and view easily. Windows 10 timeline does not support all activities, you will able to find only windows supported activities in timeline. For example, You will able to see web-pages only which you browsed in Microsoft Edge.

Here is what can be done with Timeline.

Easily Find Activities on PC

Suppose you were working on some word file previous day or few days back. Now you don’t remember where you saved that file. With timeline, you don’t need to remember, File can be found and resumed right from the Timeline. To find file, you can scroll down to day you were using that file as well search from Timeline.

Find and Resume Activities from Other Devices

Activities in Timeline can be synchronized across Android or iOS devices too when you allowed it to. By default this setting is disabled in case you have concern regarding privacy. Anytime you can enable this from Privacy setting>Activity History.

Timeline allows to see all activities in Windows 10 Timeline , you did with Office 365 or Microsoft edge in tablet or mobile devices. Just click on new task bar icon, and you can see all activities grouped by hour on specific day.

Remove Activities from Past

You may want to remove few or all activities from past same as clearing browsing history from browser. Timeline allows to easily go to past and let you to remove any activity that you want from any hour or a day. To remove any Activity Right click or press and hold above it, Select Remove from Menu. Activity would be removed instantly.

Search to Avoid Scrolling

You may be looking for some document, photos or videos that you watched many days ago. You can open Timeline and scroll down to day you were working on file or you can avoid this completely and can save time with “Search” in Timeline. With Search bar in Timeline, you can directly search for activities. This search bar is located in top right corner of Timeline. Click on it and enter text to search.Search Activities

Conclusion : 

Windows 10 Timeline is obviously it’s best feature and if you don’t like you can easily disable it.  Right now it only shows Windows supported activities not all activities. Timeline would be even better, if it adds support for more activities. In coming days, You will be able to see Windows 10 Timeline in your Android or iOS device with Microsoft Launcher. Microsoft is working on it it will be available soon. Read About Cortana in Windows 10.

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