Windows 10 Tips, Tricks and Features to Get most out of it

Windows 10 is perhaps the last version, so Microsoft is still working on it. With each upgrade, Microsoft is improving Windows 10 to provide better user experience. You may well acquainted with Windows 10 basic features but there are many new features that you may don’t know. Windows 10 keeps getting better with its new and improved features. There are some hidden Windows 10 tips and tricks that enhances user experience. So get ready to get most out of Windows 10, with these exciting Windows 10 tips, tricks and features.

Password Free Sign-in with Windows Hello                        

Windows Hello is an alternative way to sign in to your Windows 10 devices, apps or even online services with just your face or fingerprints. It grants users to get login to their windows devices in just 2 seconds without typing any password, as your face or fingerprint would be device password. You can always retain your PIN as backup while using Windows Hello feature.Windows Hello

Not only Face or Fingerprints, Windows Hello enables users Sign in with digital wristband, smartwatch, phone or other companion devices. These devices give another option for quick way to unlock devices, when you have already certified your identity.

To setup Windows Hello Go to Settings >Accounts >Sign-In options .

Secret Alternate Start Menu 

On user demands, Microsoft already brought back the Start menu in Windows 10. But beside the regular start menu there is another Secret Menu too that many of users don’t know. This hidden start menu in Windows 10 gives instant access to many things.Secret Start Menu

To access this secret start menu, right click on start Menu Icon and it shows panel with Shortcuts to services and apps. This hidden Windows 10 start menu gives quick access to things like Power Options, Event Viewer, System, Device Manager, Disk Management, Powershell, Task Manager, Settings, File Explorer, Run and more.

Use Slide To Shutdown for Quickly Turn off Device

Slide to Shutdown is a hidden feature in Windows 10. Once enabled, to turn off your Windows 10 devices you will just have to slide down the panel covering half of your device screen. This feature is really useful for touch devices. Know more about it here.

Pin your Favorite Websites in Taskbar 

For Windows 10 Microsoft brought better and safer browser, Microsoft Edge. It has many features and one of them is that you can pin frequently accessed websites in Taskbar. For any Website that you want to access fast, Windows 10 allows to Pin that on Taskbar. So you can open website fast by just clicking on Website from Taskbar.Pin Website in Taskbar

To Pin Website in Windows 10 Taskbar, open website in Microsoft edge, and Then Go to Menu by clicking on Three Dots. Select “Pin This Page to The Taskbar”. Further if you make your mind to unpin any website from Taskbar, then right click on pinned website icon from Taskbar and select “Unpin from Taskbar”.

Pin Favorite Contacts in Taskbar With People App 

The People app is a new feature brought in Windows 10 Fall creator update. It allows to manage and communicate with all your contacts in just one place from different accounts like Skype, Outlook, Yahoo, Google or any other account.

People App also allows pinning favorite contact in Taskbar for fast access. In windows 10 you can see what notification you have from your favorite contact right from the Taskbar.

To pin contact, click on People icon in Taskbar. Then click on “Find and Pin contact” in bottom of panel. If contact is not already in your contact list then you can add that contact by clicking on three horizontal dots next to “Find and Pin Contact” and choose “New contact”.Pin Contacts to Taskbar

To Unpin any contact from Taskbar, right click on contact icon in taskbar and choose “Unpin from Taskbar”

Talk to Cortana and Get things Done 

Cortana is a digital assistant brought by Microsoft for Windows devices. You can search, ask to Cortana to do things done for you. It can set reminders, search for files or search on Internet through Bing search engine. It’s not limited here, you can also give voice command to Cortana for shutting down, restart of sleep your device. Know more about Cortana here.

Express Yourself with Emoji 

In windows 10 Fall Creator Update Microsoft introduced Emoji. Now in Windows 10 , you can type and express yourself with emoji wherever you want like while chatting, in docs, and even in web searches.

To access Emoji panel, press Windows key+Period(.) or Windows key+Semi Colon(;) in your keyboard. Any one will work for you.

Till yet Emoji feature is only available for US English only.Windows 10 Emoji

Remove Or Turn off Live Tiles 

Live tiles was first introduced in Windows 8 and they still exist in Windows 10. Live tiles can be worthwhile as they show you live news or other information in tiles. Although they are useful but you may not want to see those flashes in tiles, may be for saving your internet data. So you can turn off Live tiles or remove Live tiles from Start menu.Turn Off Live Tiles

To Turn off Live tiles, Go to Start menu and then navigate to tile that you want to turn off or Remove. Right click on Tile and select “Unpin from Start” to remove tile from Start Menu. To Turn off Live Tile, right click on it and select “More>Turn Live Tile Off”.

Peek At Desktop 

Suppose you have many windows opened in Windows 10 and you may want to have a quick look at your desktop. Normally you will have to minimize the windows for viewing desktop which will consume some time. Windows 10 brought peek feature to quickly look at your desktop behind all of your opened windows. You can peek at the desktop right from the Taskbar. Here is how to enable Peek feature and use it.

To enable Peek feature, right click or press and hold above empty area in Taskbar. Then select Taskbar Settings. From Taskbar Settings find and turn on “Use Peek to preview the desktop when you move your mouse to the Show desktop button at the end of the Taskbar “.Peek at Desktop

Next time whenever you want to peek at desktop simply press and hold or move your mouse to the far right edge of Taskbar. To come back to opened windows move the cursor back anywhere or press and hold again at the right edge of Taskbar.

Switch to Desktop Quickly 

Peek feature is just for quick look at desktop. What if you want to do some thing from desktop like opening some app from desktop. This can be done by “Show the Desktop” feature. Right click or press and hold on empty area on desktop and select “Show the Desktop”. To view opened windows again right click or press and hold on Taskbar and select “Show Open Windows”.

Use Multiple Desktop for Systematic Work 

Windows 10 multi desktop feature is a great way of working and keeping ongoing projects and unrelated things in different desktops to stay organized. Microsoft has made it very easy to setup, manage and use multiple virtual desktop in Windows 10. These multiple virtual desktop can be very handy from being organized to hiding things from someone and you can still keep on working on that as soon as he moves away from you.Multi Desktops in Windows 10

To Create new Desktop click on Taskview icon from Taskbar and select “+ New Desktop”. Next open the Apps that you want to work on, in newly created desktop. To switch between Desktop, click again on Taskview Icon in Taskbar.

Create Sticky Notes, Sketches or Take Better Screenshots 

Windows 10′ s Windows Ink Workspace allows creating sticky reminder notes, drawing or writing with digital pen or with fingertips. You can take screenshot and edit them or draw on that from windows Ink Workspace. Not only this, there is much more you can do with Windows Ink Workspace. Know More Here.

Skip Windows 10 Login Screen 

Do you want get rid of login screen from your personal windows 10 laptop or desktop. You may not want to enter your login id and password each time you use your laptop. So you can easily remove password from windows 10 login screen. Read here more to know How to remove Login screen.

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