YouTube Tricks, Hacks and Features for Better Viewing Experience

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform. No doubts, It’s been always a favourite destination for everyone who wants to share, watch and upload videos. Either you want to watch or publish videos, YouTube is the finest choice. Here you can find huge range of videos. Even if you want to earn from your videos, YouTube is the best place. If you have been using YouTube from long time, you may know YouTube features very well. But there are many hidden YouTube tricks and hacks that can make video sharing and viewing experience better. So here we are listing useful YouTube Tricks, hacks and features.YouTube Tricks, Hacks & Features

YouTube Tricks, Hacks & Features

Theater Mode to View Videos in Larger Player
Share or View YouTube Videos from Specific point
Watch YouTube Video Offline on Mobile
Download YouTube Video
Create Gifs from YouTube Video
Use Filter and YouTube Search Tricks to Refine Search Results
Look in any Direction with 360° Video
View Videos with Caption
Translate Video’s Caption to your Language
Jump to Specific part of video with Video Transcript
Play Video in Slow or Fast speed
Use YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts for Fast Access
Choose Video Quality according to internet speed
Play Same YouTube Video Repeatedly
View, Delete or Pause your Watch and Search History
Watch Videos Later
Access Age Restricted Videos
Dim Screen Glare with Dark Theme
Grab Thumbnail of any Video


Theater Mode to View Videos in Larger Player

By default YouTube shows videos in small video player. It doesn’t provide good viewing experience until we go to full screen. In Full Screen mode, we can’t select another video listed on same page. You will need to switch back to default small screen to select another video.

What if you can view videos in larger player without going to Full Screen mode? Yes, you can do so. Theater mode in YouTube lets you watch videos in larger player, still showing links of other videos on the same page. Theater mode provides better viewing.
To select Theater Mode, click on “Theater Mode” icon in bottom corner of video player. YouTube player will take whole space available in browser. To switch back to default small player, click on the same icon.YouTube Theater Mode

Share or View YouTube Videos from Specific point

You can share or view YouTube video starting at any point. Suppose you want to share some video with friends or to embed video in website. But you want users to start viewing video only from specific time. This can be done by copying video at current time. These are the Steps to copy video at current time.

  1. Open desired video in YouTube.
  2. Play or forward video till the point, by which you want users to view video.
  3. Right Click on Video player and choose “Copy Video URL at current Time”. Then you can share or embed copied URL.Copy Video at Current Time
    You can also start viewing video from specific point by editing video URL by yourself. If you want to skip viewing some part of video, just append time (eg. &t=1m30s) in video URL. Video will start by skipping 1 minute 30 seconds video.

Watch YouTube Video Offline on Mobile

If you don’t have internet connection all the time or have limited data then you may want to watch YouTube video offline. For YouTube Red account, YouTube allows to download video to watch offline later. Downloaded video remains available for 29 days in YouTube app to watch offline without internet connection. After 29 days video will disappear. So you must reconnect to internet before 29 days for keeping downloaded video in your device.Download YouTube Video

Download YouTube Video

YouTube videos can be downloaded via 3rd party apps, websites or browser extensions. Until you download video for yourself only, it’s OK to download. You can download video with following method –

Open the Video in YouTube and select Video URL from address bar. In URL, type either pwn, ss or vd before youtube and hit enter. It will get redirected to third party website where you can download selected video. You can also install browsers extensions to download YouTube videos from these websites.

If video URL is

To download video change it to any of following way –

Create Gifs from YouTube Video

This is really a cool YouTube trick. There is a website It lets users to create gifs from videos of YouTube, Vine, Instagram or more sites. You can create gifts from local videos as well.

For YouTube videos, open video and Go to Address bar. Type gif before youtube in video URL. It will  be redirected to Follow steps in redirected page to create gif.

Example :
If video Url is

Then to create gif replace URL by adding gif before youtube in URL like this

Use Filter and YouTube Search Tricks to Refine Search results

Whenever you search any video in YouTube, you get long list of search results. You can narrow down search results by applying filters. To apply filter, Click on Filter icon below search bar. For instance if you want to search for HD music videos, enter query in search box and select HD within filter.

By using search tricks, you can get precise search results. To know more about it Read YouTube videos Search Tricks.

Look in any Direction with 360° Video

YouTube supports viewing and publishing 360° videos. 360° videos allow looking in any direction not just where the camera is pointing. To watch 360° videos you need latest version of browser or YouTube app.

To find 360° videos in YouTube, enter query in search bar and click on filter icon. From Filter, Select 360° under Features. It will show videos which are available for spherical (360 degree) view.Filter 360 degree Videos

To view 360° videos in every direction, use arrow keys placed in left corner of the video.Navigate 360 degree Video
You can get cool experience of virtual reality with cardboard. Get immersive experience of watching 360 degree videos, if you have cardboard and mobile app.

View Videos with Caption

YouTube Captions are very useful if you are in some busy room or video volume is low. By reading the captions you can understand what’s going on in video.View Video Captions
To enable YouTube video caption, click on “CC” icon. You can set language of Subtitle/CC from settings. Click on settings icon and navigate to Subtitle/CC. On clicking, it shows languages in which video caption is available. Select language.Set Video Captions
You can also change text font and style of caption showing in video in your way. To change caption style navigate to Settings>Subtitles/CC>OptionsVideo Caption OptionVideo Caption Style

Translate Video’s Caption to your language

Subtitles or Closed captions are great if you are viewing videos that are not in your language. Google allows translating video’s Subtitle in your language. To Translate video Caption navigate to Setting> Subtitles/CC> Auto Translate. Then select your language. Captions will be converted to your selected language. So with “Auto Translate”, You can read captions or subtitles in your understandable language and can view those videos too whose language you can’t understand.Video Caption Auto Translate

Jump to Specific part of video with Video Transcript

Are you trying writing down music lyrics or important points from some YouTube video? You may be pausing the video again and again to write down? No need to do so. Video Transcripts, lets you to do it. You can get written version of those videos whose owner provided full captions transcript. You can also jump to specific part of video by clicking on transcript time links.
To get videos with transcript, apply filter for Subtitle/CC.
You can get video’s transcript if available, by clicking on three horizontal dots below YouTube video. Then Select Open Transcript. It shows transcript with timestamp so that can jump to any specific part of video.YouTube Video Transcript

Play Video in Slow or Fast speed

In YouTube, You can set Video speed according to your convenience. Play video fast or slow by setting video speed from settings. In YouTube, slowest video speed is 0.25 and fastest speed is 1.25.

To set Video Speed, open Video in YouTube. Click on Settings icon and navigate to Speed. Select required Speed from options. For back to normal speed select normal from speed options.Set Video Speed
For Mobile Devices, Tap on video, then Tap on More(Three Vertical Dots). Tap on Playback speed.Set Video Speed on YouTube App

Use YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts for Fast Access

For fast access, use YouTube keyboard shortcuts for various functions. These shortcuts are also useful if you don’t have mouse and you are working with keyboard only. Here are YouTube keyboard Shortcuts.

Function Keyboard Shortcut
Toggle (Activate or Deactivate) Full Screen F
View or hide Closed Caption/SubTitles C
Go to Search Box /
Play/Pause Video if Seek bar is selected Spacebar
Play/Pause in player K
Backward/Forward video 5 seconds Left and Right Arrow
Forward video to 10 second in player L
Backward video to 10 second in player J
Increase or Decrease Volume Up and Down arrow
Move to previous Video Shift+P
Move to Next Video Shift+N



Choose Video Quality according to internet speed

Do you have Slow Internet Speed? No Problem, You can choose video quality to low. Low quality videos will be loaded fast even with slow internet speed. If you don’t have any issues with Internet speed then select high definition to watch high quality video.
Set Video Quality to “Auto”  to let YouTube to use highest quality automatically according to video player size and internet speed available.
To set your preferred Video Quality, for desktop open Video in YouTube. Click on settings icon in Video Player and Navigate to Quality. Choose from Quality options.Change Video Quality
For Mobile, open video, tap on More (three vertical dots) then tap on Quality. Choose preferred video quality.

Play Same YouTube Video Repeatedly

You can play your favourite YouTube video repeatedly in loop. To Play Video in Loop, open Video and Right Click above video player. Select “Loop” from options.Loop YouTube Video

View, Delete or Pause your Watch and Search History

YouTube stores videos watch, search, comments and community post history for your account. You can easily view your account history by navigating to History under Library.
YouTube also gives option to delete your recent watch and search history. To delete Click on “Clear All Watch History” or “Clear all Search History”.YouTube History
If you don’t want watch history or search history to be stored in Account. Then you can always pause it. To pause history, click on “Pause Watch History” or “Pause Search History”. Later, again if you make your mind for search and watch data to get stored in your account you can always resume the paused history. For this, click on “Resume Watch history” or Resume Search history”.Clear YouTube History
You can view Comments or replies you did recently on videos or discussions. To View, select Comments Radio button from History type. To view community post, replies or comment, select community radio button.

Watch Videos Later

YouTube lets users to mark YouTube videos under “Watch Later” category. Later whenever user wants to view those Videos, they can easily find them under “Watch Later” in your library. This is useful when you are browsing through videos but instead of watching them right now you want to view particular videos later. It’s also helpful to access and watch videos again another time.
To view later, you can mark those videos to “Watch Later”. To mark videos, you will need to log in to account.
For Desktop –
If you browsing video, hover over video thumbnail, and click on watch later Icon.
If you are watching video Click on + icon below video and select “Watch Later”.Watch Later
For YouTube App-
If you are browsing videos, tap on menu (three vertical dots) and select “Add to watch later”.YouTube App Watch Later
If you are watching video, tap on Add To + icon below video player and select “Watch Later”.Add To Watch Later
Anytime you can remove videos from “Watch Later” list by navigating to Library>Watch Later.

Access age Restricted Videos

Age Restricted videos are those videos to whom YouTube flagged as inappropriate for users under 18 years age. YouTube prevents viewing age restricted videos without logging in. Even if you get logged in to your account, and “Restricted Mode” is on or you are younger than 18 years, you can’t watch YouTube Restricted videos. If restricted mode is enabled or age is below 18 years, then YouTube will hide inappropriate videos from viewing.
To watch age restricted videos if you are not under 18 years, login to your account and enable restricted mode.Access Age Restricted Video
What if you want to watch age restricted video without signing in? I have trick for this. You have to replace “watch?v=” in YouTube video URL to “embed/”
Example – If video URL is

then replace video URL to

Dim Screen Glare with Dark Theme

For Desktop, You can set YouTube background to dark color to tone down Screen’s glare. With YouTube’s dark theme you can get relaxing experience for eyes. Dark theme is ideal for night. YouTube currently allows Dark Theme for Desktops only. To set Dark Theme, click on Account. Click on Dark Theme:Off. Then enable Dark theme from Dark Theme popup.Dark ThemeEnable Dark Theme

Grab Thumbnail of any Video

Do you want to grab YouTube’s video Thumbnail? There are many online services who lets you to grab thumbnail of any YouTube video. Some of websites are as below.


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